FSI Mandarin

Money, unit 3

Target list

请你给我看看那个花瓶。哪个? 这个蓝的还是这个红的? Please give me that vase to look at. Which one? This blue one or this red one?
Qǐng ni gěi wo kànkan nèige huāpíng. Něige? Zhèigè lánde háishi zhèige hóngde?
那两个都给我看看,好吗? Give me both of them to look at, all right?
Nèi liǎngge dōu gěi wo kànkan, hǎo ma?
这两个学生,哪个好? 司马辛好。Which of these two students is better? Sīmǎ Xīn is better.
Zhèi liǎngge xuésheng, něige hǎo? Sīmǎ Xīn hǎo.
那个红花瓶真好看。您有大一点儿的吗? That red vase is really beautiful. Do you have a little larger?
Nèige hóng huāpíng zhēn hǎokàn. Nín yǒu dà yīdiǎnrde ma?
有。你看这个怎么样? 很好。好,请给我两个吧。We have. What do you think of this one? It's very nice. OK, how about giving me two, please.
Yǒu. Nǐ kàn zhèige zěnmeyàng. Hěn hǎo. Hǎo, qǐng gěi wo liǎngge ba.
那个蓝的太贵了。我要红的。红的便宜。The blue one is too expensive. I want the red one. The red one is cheaper.
Nèige lánde tài guì le. Wǒ yào hóngde. Hóngde piányí.


矮【ǎi】 short of stature; low.
·把【·bǎ】 hold; grasp; (counter for things with handles)
【bái】 white; clear; pure; plain
【gāo】 tall; high; of a high level or degree; above the average; loud; high-priced; expensive; a surname.
高兴【gāoxìng】 glad; happy; cheerful; be willing to; be happy to.
【guì】 expensive; costly; dear; highly valued; valuable; precious; of high rank; noble
还是【háishì】 still; nevertheless; all the same; had better; or.
【hǎo】 good; better; fine; nice; friendly; kind; be in good health; get well; be easy; is easy to answer; so as to; so that.
好看【hǎokàn】 good-looking; nice; interesting; honoured; proud; in an embarrassing situation; on the spot.
【hēi】 black; dark; secret; shady; wicked; sinister;
【hóng】 red; revolutionary; red cloth, bunting, etc. used on festive occasions; symbol of success; bonus; dividend.
【huáng】 yellow; sallow; short for the Huanghe River; fizzle out; fall through; a surname.
花瓶【huāpíng】 flower vase; vase.
【jiù】 past; bygone; old; used; worn; former; onetime; old friendship; old friend.
【kàn】 think; consider; see; look at; watch; read; look upon; regard; treat (a patient or an illness); look after; call on; visit; see; depend on; mind; watch out.
看看【kànkan】look at
【lán】 blue; indigo plant; a surname.
绿【lǜ】 green.
难看【nánkàn】 ugly; unsightly; shameful; embarrassing.
便宜【piányi】 cheap; small advantages; pretty gains; let sb. off lightly.
【tài】 highest; greatest; remotest; more or most senior; excessively; too; over; extremely; very.
【xīn】 new; fresh; up-to-date; newly; freshly; recently; recently married;
雨伞【ǔsǎn】 umbrella.
怎么样【zěnmeyàng】 how about; (used in the negative)(not) so good.
【zhēn】 true; real; genuine; really; truly; indeed; clearly; unmistakably.